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archived 22 May 2015 22:45:34 UTC

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The official Tweets of Burger King USA.
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98 retweets 218 favorites
The Spicy BLT Whopper is 🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/7zmFci6nrx
56 retweets 135 favorites
Do re mi fa so hungry right now.
832 retweets 605 favorites
Can mornings without coffee just not?
110 retweets 180 favorites
The first rule in fries club is that YOU TALK ABOUT FRIES ALL THE TIME
198 retweets 271 favorites
When there’s a Whopper, there’s a way. #WhopperWednesday
69 retweets 132 favorites
If only this homework was Onion Rings.
189 retweets 296 favorites
Friends are not always around. #ChickenFries are always there.
264 retweets 285 favorites
147 retweets 272 favorites
A lot of fries, is no fries real quick.
147 retweets 220 favorites
You spin me right round, red velvet. #RedVelvetOreoShake pic.twitter.com/l0qCVwiZSa
113 retweets 211 favorites
“The letter Q is just an O eating a fry.” *brain explodes*
982 retweets 997 favorites
Let's just eat BK and watch movies instead.
223 retweets 277 favorites
55 retweets 157 favorites
*thinks about the beach* *thinks about Chicken Fries*
558 retweets 605 favorites
Dad: will you hand me my updog? Kid: sure. *passes Whopper* Dad: NO! you’re supposed to say... Kid: please stop. Dad: okay. #dadjokes
242 retweets 403 favorites
Chicken Fries are a part of life.
321 retweets 414 favorites
Get her flowers. Or the Bacon Cheddar Tendercrisp. pic.twitter.com/NSWhQyk63n
102 retweets 211 favorites
Fuji 🗻 Japan 🗾 New York 🗽 Paradise 🍔
131 retweets 275 favorites
368 retweets 393 favorites
92 retweets 253 favorites
932 retweets 1,797 favorites
WHOPPER JR: father? WHOPPER: Yes, son. JR: Why are all the humans staring at us? W: Because they all want to eat you, son. JR: ….
128 retweets 253 favorites
*Takes a picture of meal* Whopper: lemme see.
114 retweets 259 favorites
Just you, me, and this new Teriyaki Original Chicken Sandwich. pic.twitter.com/paqxYfSLyd
106 retweets 179 favorites
Marry someone who will eat Onion Rings with you for the rest of your life.
293 retweets 340 favorites
Guy 1: you're the orange to my freeze. Guy 2: who are you talking to? Guy 1: no one. *winks at Orange Freeze*
82 retweets 213 favorites
11,489 retweets 16,316 favorites
[press conference] [taps mic] [shuffles through speech] [silence] “Chicken Fries” [crowd goes nuts]
575 retweets 734 favorites
WHEN YOUR FRIENDS GO TO BK WITHOUT YOU 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
657 retweets 894 favorites
69 retweets 202 favorites
Morning goals: croissan’wich
58 retweets 161 favorites
GIRL: I’m breaking up with you GUY: Why? GIRL: Your ringtone is the sound of you eating onion rings
212 retweets 366 favorites
83 retweets 264 favorites
You ever cuddle with your fries lol
1,850 retweets 1,528 favorites
Instructor: Take a left here [student driver takes a left] Instructor: pull in here Student: to this BK drive-thru? Instructor: JUST DO IT
258 retweets 479 favorites
When someone offers you BK it’s like are you serious Like Ur amazing May all your dreams come true
307 retweets 462 favorites
Weekend plans? You mean onion rings.
204 retweets 287 favorites
“Truth or Dare” “Dare” “Go get us BK”
220 retweets 357 favorites
Let’s go to BK instead. pic.twitter.com/9RzxkwcKoA
168 retweets 241 favorites
👨: I’m going to miss you 🍔: I know *eats Whopper* *wipes away single tear*
717 retweets 904 favorites
*Goes to prom with Whopper*
545 retweets 646 favorites
456 retweets 681 favorites
Him: can I have all of the Chicken Fries, please? BK: How many boxes? Him: I don’t think you understood me.
411 retweets 630 favorites
834 retweets 2,103 favorites
Mom: what’s on your phone background? Girl: my boyfriend Mom: it looks like fries to me Girl: GET OUT OF MY LIFE
512 retweets 657 favorites
Grill on, friend. pic.twitter.com/snUqJ4to0P
126 retweets 205 favorites
Four five seconds from drive-thru.
312 retweets 442 favorites
Feelings Feeling Feelin Feeli Feel Fe Fr Fri Frie Fries
1,199 retweets 1,151 favorites
116 retweets 166 favorites
3,360 retweets 6,795 favorites
*emo guy orders* “Would you like any sighs with that?” “excuse me?” “Sides. Any sides with that.”
823 retweets 1,027 favorites
Nice try, potato that’s not a fry.
102 retweets 219 favorites
“I’ve got you covered.” -ketchup
166 retweets 257 favorites
*guy has a wonderful day* *goes back to lady at the drive-thru* “I actually did it”
276 retweets 551 favorites
Gonna need some BK. Starting, yesterday.
97 retweets 172 favorites
99 retweets 204 favorites
Plot Twist: Whopper Jr grows up #WhopperWednesday
66 retweets 151 favorites
Time fries when you’re tweeting in puns.
390 retweets 555 favorites